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Professional Tenant Terms & Conditions

All tenancies agreed are subject to Vacant Possession, Satisfactory Referencing and subject to Contract

Tenant Requirements
All applicants must be:
1)    over 18 years of age
2)    in fulltime employment

Before Reserving a Property
3)    All negotiations must be completed and agreed prior to starting the referencing process
4)    Please note – Not all furniture may be included, please check with a member of staff.
5)    Otherwise the property will be let “as seen”
6)    You must inform us if you smoke or have any pets
7)    A proposed moving date must be supplied at this time
8)    All Applicants must complete an application form each

Reserving a Property & Referencing
9)    The Referencing Fee(s) must be paid
10)    The property will be removed from all marketing as being “Available”
11)    All Applicants over the age of 18 will be referenced
12)    Referencing will be obtained through an independent company
13)    If you require a Guarantor they will need to be one person, resident in the UK, in fulltime employment and prepared to sign a Deed of Guarantee
14)    Guarantors are referenced at an additional charge
15)    All applicants and guarantor must supply photo ID and proof of residency in the form of a utility bill or bank statement with their current address on and no older than 3 months.
16)    We reserve the right to refuse any application without giving a reason

Tenancy Agreement and Legal Documents
17)    Only after satisfactory referencing is complete and all parties have agreed will the Tenancy Agreement be produced
18)    Our Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements are normally for a fixed term and the clauses are non-negotiable.
19)    You will be given the opportunity to read the documents prior to signing them
20)    Should you have any queries regarding the Agreement you should seek legal advice prior to signing
21)    All Tenants and Guarantors must be available to sign the documents in our office at the same time.  This can be done prior to the start of the tenancy
22)    Changing the date of tenancy after the Agreements have been produced will incur an additional charge.

At the Start of the Tenancy
23)    The first months’ rent together with a security deposit, equivalent to one and a half months rent,  must be paid by all named tenants, in cleared funds before we will release the keys.
24)    Acceptable forms of payment will be Cash, Bankers Draft or Debit Card payment
25)    Credit Card payments are subject to an additional fee
26)    An inventory & Schedule of Condition will be made available at the beginning of the Tenancy

Tenancy Deposit
27)    The Deposit will be registered with The Deposit Protection Service if your property is managed through Wrights, if your landlord manages it themselves they will use an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme and you will be advised on which one when you move in.
28)    You will be asked to confirm the information contained in the Prescribed Information.
29)    You will be given information regarding the Scheme and proof that the Deposit has been registered
30)    You must keep the Landlord/Agent informed of any changes to your contact details
31)    In the case of multiple tenants, one tenant is nominated to be the Lead Tenant on the Tenancy Agreement and the Deposit will be returned to this person, less any agreed deductions, to distribute amongst the other parties

Cancellations and Refunds
32)    The referencing fee is only refundable if the Landlord withdraws from the tenancy
33)    The referencing fee will not be refunded if your references come back unsatisfactory
34)    The Tenancy Fee will be refunded in full if the Landlord decides not to go ahead with the tenancy due to unsatisfactory references
35)    The tenancy fee is not refundable if you pull out of the tenancy.

During the Tenancy
36)    Rent is to be paid monthly by Standing Order. Other forms of payment may be acceptable by prior arrangement.
37)    Rents are due per calendar month to be paid on or before a rent due date, exclusive of Council Tax, Services & Utilities unless otherwise stated
38)    Tenants must ensure that all personal belongings are insured under their own contents policy
39)    Should you have reason to leave before the period is up you will be liable for any outstanding rents and bills up to and until such time as a new Tenant can be installed.  You will be charged the Landlord’s out of pocket expenses associated with re-letting the property which will be deducted from your deposit.
40)    As tenants you are responsible for the TV license fee and any satellite or cable facilities for the duration of the tenancy. Please make sure you get permission to install any dishes, cables etc. If you are looking at installing satellite or cable we can pass your details to Virgin Media who can advise you on a service they can offer.
Virgin Media may contact you to let you know about the service they can offer you. 

Schedule of Fees


Tenant Referencing Fee (Per Applicant)  £75.00 inc of VAT
Guarantor Referencing £50.00 inc of VAT
Tenancy Fee £125.00 inc VAT
Change of Date fee  £25.00 inc VAT
Credit Card Payment Fee  2% of the transaction amount


Over Due Rent 
Calculated from date the payment was due
per annum
Breach of Tenancy £30.00 inc VAT
Per letter
Bank refused, returned or represented payments £24.00 inc VAT
Per each presentation which fails
Credit Card Payment Fee 2%
Of the transaction amount
Confirmation of Tenancy Letter £30.00 inc VAT
Per letter

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